Greeting 5/27/17 By Melisa
Welcome to Broken-Paige graphic site, not sure yet what to offer beside what's on the website but please take a look around small but will provide layouts from the passed so stick around. site open a bit late than I anticipated. Happy Memorial Day to you all if you live in the USA, didn't do much just ate with my family and watched old movie from the pass. Off tomorrow will make a table for this. It's late hope to get my only aff up, Thanks to Lucien for the awesome plug yesterday she's been a wonderful person to me I really appreciate it a lot<3
Plug: Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, many thanks<3

Wappapers 3x
Icons 16x
Layout 4x

The rest of the wallpapers I'll upload tomorrow, plus I would like to welcome my old sites layout by and I think my best worked exceeds my taste when I was once coding. I will be working on my coding as soon as I get time.

Even thought I didn't make a comment section using the Cbox to communicate is best. I almost forget about the layout Twin Star Exorcists watched the anime 50ep not the same as Blue Exorcist. A simple layout coding used from my last layout. Signing off sorry, I'm watching Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms again:)

Goodnight Melisa~


My computer contracted a virus and my website was warning me that there was a virus on the page! still a noob hahaha! anyways finally was able to fix the site in all browsers hopefully.

Wallpaper 3x
Coding Fixed

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