Terms of usage
  1. Icons; Free to upload and use terms do not steal.
  2. Layout; Please read the terms on the layout because most of them are different base on the layout style. Do not Redistribute/refer-bush the layout for yourselves or claim it please give credits
  3. Wallpapers; Wallpapers is mainly for desktop us only.
  4. *Base Icons; This section is finally here, this section will download the best quality for you and all you have to do is simple credited the site when used.

The site is a copyright to Melisa/Tear in addition textures used, images, characters, etc.. are copyright to their own respective owners. I do not own or designed any fiction characters or own anime, Jpop,Kpop etc or designed textures/brushes unless I stated it was made by me.

Uploading: Please upload to your own server whenever you are ready to download, we ask you not to direct link off the site or we both know what will happened.

Taking Icons and base: placing than on your site for show is not allow.

No Redistribution: the layouts or using the HTML,Css, need help making a site asked and we'll help you.

Direct-linking: as been enable if you are having problems downloading the anything here please contact us other wise you are not allowed to direct download/hotlink anything from this site.